About us

Junk Haul & AVA E-Recycling

Junk removal and recycling is very important. We use our history and connections as an E-Waste Recycling company to process everything correctly. We have certifications in the industry that most companies will never be able to get. We are A Rated on the BBB and have an amazing track record with our customers.
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Restoration & Mold Remediation

When cleaning a home, Mold is inevitable. Water damage and fire damage happen are major parts of our operation. We have CERTIFIED mold remediators, restoration crews and offer this to our clients aside from just the Junk Clean Up. Many hoarding situations have piles of junk that are prime locations for mold to grow. We have trained staff to handle your mold problems.
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Who We Are

Junk Ant Removal & Hauling is a local company dedicated to serving the local community with a low cost Junk & Recycling service. Since we are owned by one of the largest E-Waste companies we are more efficient and have better capacity to recycle items properly.

Our History

We started off as an electronics recycling company that had over 25 drop off locations. We grew the company to become of the largest E-Waste operations around. We built the company up from a small garage into a multi state operation within 5 years. We expanded the operation to include junk and document destruction.


Corporations & Certificates

​Our drivers are trained to help give pricing on the spot for many of the services we offer. Our office staff can also easily help you over the phone so that we can take care of everything in 1 shot for you. We also have a very convenient drop off program for business who have only a few items to recycle. There are many locations through the city and suburb to choose from. Any business we service will always receive a certificate for your records. We treat every business the same way, whether a fortune 500 or a small bakery, you get the same level of service.