Printer Recycling
Question: How the recycling of printer ink and toners could be the solution to viable management of e-waste. Answer: Viable e-waste management means finding a solution to waste disposal and achieving manageable measures to mitigate it. The fact that ink and toner printer cartridges are refillable contributes so much in achieving such viable e-waste management. This means...
Junk Removal
Our planet Earth is considered a beautiful blue marble of the Solar system. All those photos from the space show it in its glory and take our breath away. It’s a pity that humans are bound to destroy everything they put their paws on, and yet, there are some who are desperately trying to preserve the...
Junk Removal
Worried about the junk you have stored in your house or store? If you look around, the feeling of being depressed with all junk around you would go away. How? Well, with new technologies coming in, e-waste management companies have been founded and have been helping the community immensely with their exceptional services?
Television Recycling
How many televisions have you bought so far? It could be one, especially if you recently got your first home, with prospects of an upgrade in the near future. Others might be on their second, third or so television. With the advancement in technology, we always want an upgrade. Besides, who wants to...